How To Use The Rose Vibration Toy | The Step-by-Step Guide

Introducing The Rose Suction Vibrator.


If you haven’t heard of the power of the Rose Vibration Toy, you’re in for a heavenly awakening. Even though the toy has been in the market for a while now, people have been giving it the highest level of accolades on Tik Tok over the past few months.

The Rose Vibrator is a clit-sucking toy that promises mind-blowing, earth-shaking, soul-splitting orgasms, and the truth is that it tends to live up to all the accolades it’s getting.

The Rose can pass for a bluetooth speaker, so you could easily 'hide in plain sight' and set it on a tabletop as a decorative piece. No one will ever suspect that it’s the best source of pleasure you've found in years- apart from those that use it, of course. This toy is unmatched when it comes to delivering consistent orgasms; it's great knowing there's finally a new toy that offers women new ways to explore their bodies.

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How Does The Rose Vibrator Work?

The Rose clit sucking toy actually doesn't suck your clitoris! It actually utilizes air pressure and sonic waves. Rather than a vacuum, think more of a pulsator.

There's a mechanism inside which 'pushes and pulls', essentially changing the air pressure of everything in the vicinity. This allows for stimulation of over 8000 clitorial nerve endings, which are typically not accessible from the outside of the body.

The benefit of this is that the toy is able to stimulate the clitoris without actually coming into direct contact with it.

For this reason, if used correctly, not only will you not experience over stimulation. But you also have the opportunity to become multi-orgasmic.

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"I'm 99% sure I passed over into the afterlife for a brief moment in time. I will never leave the comfort of my house again to seek the solice of a lover, or even to buy batteries (not that I could walk for a good 30 minutes anyway) as it's rechargable."

— TCS Toys Review.

How To Use The Rose Vibration Toy

Step 1: Start with Your Body.

Before getting started, it's important to make sure you build the right atmosphere- set the scene. It's essential to be in the right state of mind when going for the 'Big O'. Play your favorite song, run a bath, light some candles, heck, treat yourself to a glass of wine. It is a date, after all.

Step 2: Add some lube!

It'll be a much smoother transition this way and you'll experience a lot more pleasure.

Step 3: Expose the Clitoris by Gently Spreading the Labia.

If you have a sensitive clitoris it's absolutely fine to apply the Rose suction vibrator over the clitoral hood. These also work just as well for 'buried clits', so no need to stress here.

Step 4: Completely Cover your Clitoris with the Rose Vibrator.

Ideally, you'll create an airtight vacuum between the clit sucking toy and your clitoris- this will offer you a lot more intensity. However, you don't not actually need a perfect seal at all in order to enjoy the suction.

Step 5: Turn on the Rose Suction Toy.

Step 6: Showtime.

You're finally warmed up, lubed up, and ready to orgasm. Start with the lowest setting. A lot of our users start off with too high a setting too quickly, and don't give their clits time to adjust to this new form of masturbation.

If it's your first time, the first setting is usually enough to get the job done. If you're in need of more intensity, slowly increase the vibration and suction accordingly.

Step 7: Orgasm.

You've done it, you've successfully used the Rose Vibration Toy to completion. With these suction vibrators, there's no direct contact with the clit. This means you could actually go ahead try for another orgasm without needing any cool-off period! But this is completely down to you.

Other Ways You Can Use the Rose Vibrator

If you're not done playing with your new toy, but your clit needs a break, there's a few other places you can do the Rose Vibrator.

Apply some lube to your nipple and cover it the same way you did with your clitoris. Now enjoy the feeling of having your nipples sucked as if you've been on a year-long dry spell. If you're big on nipple play, check out our dedicated Nipple Suckers.

You can also use this on other parts of your body depending on what gets you going, such as your inner thighs, belly button, feet or even your armpits

Using a Clit Sucking Toy with a Partner

Like many, if you're wanting to include your partner in the fun, you have a few options:

  1. Have your partner use the toy on you during foreplay. Many of our customers prefer to have an orgasm with the Rose Toy first, before getting to the 'main course'

  2. During penetrative sex, use it! Whatever the position, there's always a cozy fit for your suction vibrator. It could get a bit frustrating if your body's getting moved around a lot, as you'd probably lose your placing.

  3. If you'd like to keep your partner and best friend separate, that's absolutely fine. Take yourself to a quiet room once the deed is done and enjoy the Rose Vibration until completely satisfied or can no longer feel your legs.

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