Our Quality Guarantee, Refunds and Returns Policy

clit sucking toy


We just want to start of by saying that we're an open and transparent company.

Other than just sex toys, our main point of business is customer service. The most important job our team undertakes in is making sure you are happy at every stage of the process.

We've seen reviews about a lot of other 'brands' out there, and we really want to stress that we do not operate in any way similar to them.

All queries will be handled promptly and fairly.

We apologise for going on like this but we really want to stress that we NEVER want to feel like you've been cheated or shortchanged.

Everything in our power will be done to keep you satisfied as openly and transparently as possible.


Our Quality Guarantee

We don't sell poor quality goods. Our manufacturers are FDA compliant, everything single one of our toys are strenuously tested. Every single of one our components meet trading standards.

Our most used component is medical grade silicone which is the most used material for our sex toys. This is the same type of silicone that's used to make the teats of milk bottles for new born babies. Everything we sell is body-safe. We wouldn't dream of putting out anything less than the best.

The Clit Sucker Company is not just after a 'quick buck'. We care about you. And we're interested in your feedback; interested in improving our service and also interested in building long terms relationships with our customers.

For any query please e-mail us at help@theclitsucker.com and we'll get right back to you.


Our Refund and Return Policy

Every order is tracked, so you'll be able to follow your packages from doorstep to doorstep. Our service will only get more efficient with time as we grow.

If your order is received damaged or not working- please send a video showing this to help@theclitsucker.com within 14 days of receiving your item. In this case we will process you an immediate replacement without wasting any time.

If you feel that item differs from what's listed online, we'll offer a full refund. Although, we do not misadvertise or settle for low quality mimics in the first place- as many brands do.

If your order is lost in transit, we'll offer you a full replacement or refund if there 1.) no update in tracking or 2.) its been more than 28 days since your order has been despatched. Orders are delivered much faster than this in reality and generally do not face issues like this. We just do not want offer unrealistic expectations that will leave you unhappy if not met!

Because these are sex toys, if you've changed your mind about a toy once you've received it we cannot accept a return. Ethically, if returned, these items can never be used or sold again. We don't want you to see this as unfair, but we hope that you can appreciate our angle here.


We hope this has been helpful to you! Rather than using a generic copy and paste we've  sat down together to ensure we have the most fair policy in place for both you and our team.

Look forward to you joining the sexual revolution!