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BOFI Fully Automatic Telescopic Heatied Male Masturbator Machine with Ultra Suction + Dual Motor + Double Fly Wheel - theclitsucker

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This item comes with a Lifetime Warranty*

This item comes with a Lifetime Warranty*

Product Description

Power: DC Plug-in connection, No built-in battery , it's more powerful that way.

Product Information:


Mode: 3+7 telescopic

Running noise: ≤80db

Number of motors: 2

Motor model: 390+395

Motor speed: 390 motor -12000rpm, 395 motor: 13550RPM

Material: ABS, TPU, PU, TPE

Power supply mode: AC 100-240V

Use of people: People over 18 years old

Size: 126*100*271.5mm/4.96*3.94*10.69 in



  1. Double flywheel speed piston, constant temperature heating, interactive change cabin pressure, three language vocalization,original body fragrance, fleshy virtual skin;
  2. Double away from pushing the cabin high-speed piston, powerful power, strong sucking;
  3. Interactive change cabin pressure, touch the pull, free shrink control, slide rail and pressurization technology fast and slow, any experience different elastic pleasure;
  4. Synchronous chucking plus telescopic, circulating heating, warm current surround,
  5. Lust perfume can be adjusted to switch, virtual skin slippery and delicate to soft muscle;
  6. Deep dreams blue shaped, brilliant red body, two soft meats arbitrarily;
  7. Built-in airflow heating system automatic drying, 12V direct plug-in;



  1. Pour the lubricating fluid evenly into the appliance passage, and the cup mouth and male penis before use to make the passage lubrication;
  2. Open the product switch to enjoy.



[Warning] Failure to follow these safety instructions may result in fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to the product or other financial information. Please read all safety information below before using.

  1. This product is only suitable for adults, and it is forbidden to use underage;
  2. If there is any discomfort during use, please stop using it;
  3. The product should be inspected regularly for damage. If it is damaged, please stop using it.
  4. The product complies with applicable surface heat standards and restrictions. However, even within these limits, prolonged exposure to hot can cause discomfort or injury. If your body has a condition that affects your body's ability to sense heat, be especially careful when using it for people who are not sensitive to heat;
  5. Check the power adapter cable before use. Using a damaged cable in a humid environment can result in electric shock. Before plugging the adapter into a power outlet, make sure the AC plug is fully inserted into the power adapter.
  6. Tips: Please do not open the liner when cleaning, do not use hot water to avoid damage to the liner.

Package includes:


Confidential Packaging

Power Adapter*1

Warranty card*1


Red Cup*1 + 1 Blue Cup


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