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HUVRA 7-Speed G-Spot Rabbit Stimulator - theclitsucker

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This item comes with a Lifetime Warranty*

This item comes with a Lifetime Warranty*

Product Description

It is very common for a lot of couples to experience satisfying sex life after year of familiarity. The team at TCS Toys knew we had to do something to improve this by adding more fun to the overall sex experience. The team took part in a lot of surveys amongst couples, single ladies and men, and finally managed to design several vibrators, dildos, masturbators which were able to reach virality on many platforms. With this wind in our sales, we continued to design more products to provide people with a better quality to their sex life.

Being extremely strict in selecting silicone materials, wires, motors, buttons and high end control boards, etc. TCS Toys vows to provide premium adult toys to the public. Before selling to the market, every product has to go through battery check, buttons test, noise control and more other processes, making sure customers get the best quality of adult sex toys.


Introducing HUVRA:

- 7 kinds of vibration modes, There's something out there for everybody!

- The material is medical silica gel, which is harmless to the female body. We refuse to use ordinary silica gel which is harmful to the female body.

- Volume of sound is below 50 dB.

What is the concept below 50 dB? The sound of a mosquito flying is about 40 dB. 20-40 dB is quiet, Whisper in your ear.



Certified Materials
Our sex toys are made from pure platinum-cured silicone. 100% FDA Certified Body-Safe with unmatched quality.

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